Film and television post production

We’re a post production facility dedicated to great work.

Whether you’re producing for theatrical or television, long or short,
we’ll give your pictures a look you’ll love.

We’ll keep your pictures safe - and sound

Location shooting has changed - for the better.

We used to trust that what was in the can was safe, because we had no way to know for sure. Now we can monitor, even pre-grade material at the point of acquisition, and make decisions on the fly. But how do we know it's all really there? All those ones and zeroes…

Let RPM manage your precious data from start to finish. Our location DIT unit and trained operators make sure that every single byte that leaves the camera is immaculately preserved - multiple copies checked against the original files to ensure they're bit-perfect.

Want to see dailies, the same day? No problem.

Our location unit processes today's most popular raw formats - ARRI LogC, RED R3D, Sony S-Log - into viewable rushes for production and editorial. In the time it takes to process the day's last takes, you'll have dailies with guide sound ready for heads of departments to take away.

At wrap, all data, pictures and sound, comes back for backup to data tape with a 30-year shelf life, ready for reconform at the grade. Don't trust your shoot to failure-prone hard drives sitting on a shelf – and keep your insurers happy.

The best cutting rooms in town, our place or yours

There used to be a choice of platforms for editing - the first question we'd ask was "Avid or Final Cut?". Different machine setups, different I/O hardware - it took a bit of planning.

These days, for now, things are simpler. Our Macs are configured to deliver great performance using your platform of choice. Our Avid Media Composer suites all have external monitoring and big screens, with Avid Nitris DX and Mojo DX or equivalent to give you the best editing experience on projects of any scale.

Machines are typically specified with up to 6TB of fast internal storage, HD plasma monitoring and fibre data services.

Prefer to edit at your place? No problem, we can supply fully maintained suites ready for action, at your production base or on location.

And when you need a dedicated space, our suites are ready - along with the backup you only get from a facility with the resources at hand to manage changing needs - and the odd equipment fault, they happen from time to time - without blowing out your schedule or budget.

Need the network or a client to view the cut? Stream it from our own inhouse servers, or send a copy at lightning speed using our fibre connection.

Make magic with our colourists, or bring your own

RPM has a full set of grading tools to make your project glow.

Our DaVinci Resolve suite has multiple GPU power with RED ROCKET acceleration and guarantees amazing grades all the way to 4K, delivering on film, tape or DCP.

New Zealand's leading long form colourist Clare Burlinson has collaborated with us on several stunning award-winners.

Short jobs and TVCs - no problem, we're built to conform, colour, composite and compress.

And if you're on a budget (who isn't?) we can help there too - let your editor loose with our Avid panels, and stay within the project you're working in. It really couldn't be easier to add that final touch of gloss to your show.

Once you're done with the grade, we'll help you take your project straight out to a Digital Cinema Package using the industry's best encoding tools, for accurate DCI-compliant results, at 2K or 4K. View your grade, critically assess it, adjust and release. Preview, cast-and-crew or theatrical release, everything's here ready for your project.

Deliver at lightspeed (or via FedEx™)

When it comes to outputting your work there's no room for error.

RPM has full HD legalisation on output to tape, and we keep up to date with local and international specifications, to send your project confidently to world markets.

With digital file delivery no longer just a twinkle in the eye, you need to be certain that from the plethora of deliverables now demanded, your clients are getting what they need, as film, tape or file.

If it's file-based, we have the bandwidth to launch it into cyberspace - at up to 30GB/hour.

Our standard services include Digital Cinema Packages that meet DCI specifications, theatrical file formats such as MPEG-2 PS, TVNZ's emerging MPEG standards, H.264 in all its forms, Blu-ray™, DVD and internet standards to highest possible specifications.

Information is power, and money

Getting your show through post needn't be a rocky path. RPM has a set of online resources available to help you get the services you need within your budget. 

And if you're planning a new show from scratch, we can help shape your plans so you get more of your money on screen, where it's meant to be.

Give us a yell, by email or phone, and we'll hook you up with access to our collaboration tools.

Need a quote? Or just a chat?

Call us on:

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